Chef Melba


Dinner Menu

We are committed to using seasonal & locally sourced farm fresh ingredients


First Bites


Peruvian Bay Scallops- RAW ½ dz, sweet and delicate with ponzu sauce, pico de gallo


Seasonal Ceviche -Lemon Criollo, Red Onion Shavings, Cilantro leaves


Albacore Tuna Tartare & Black Flying Fish Caviar -RAW- avocado pedestal, mango, habanero hint and yucca garlic chips 




½ dz - Oysters on the Half Shell -RAW- served on ice - mignonette, horseradish cocktail, lemon


Blazing Mushrooms - hen of the woods mushrooms, curly peppers & garlic herb harrisa 

   Grilled Sword Squid - Beet & Cucumber Salad



Tuscan Kale - quinoa, tomatoes, chia seeds, and citrus vinaigrette 


Sweet Beet Bloom - ruby red pomelo bliss, baby mesclum, and goat cheese 

  Ancient Grain Farro and Poached Pear - compressed lettuces & champagne pear stilton vinaigrette    $9

Chopped Salad - garbanzo beans, kalamata olives, tomatoes, peppadewpPeppers         




Lava of Heirlooms Tomatoes - assortment of summer tomatoes with 20 year old balsamic & virgin oil        


Soup of the Day - chef’s garden creation



From the Sea

Petrale Sole - encrusted with almonds and caper lemon sauce

Wild Alaskan True Cod Fish & Chips - European batter, potato chips, curtido cabbage, malt vinegar


Artic Char - Quinoa Cake, heart of palms, Urugula Pesto, Buerre Rouge


Southern Ocean Butterfish - seared with misoyaki glaze, bok choy


Thai Coconut Broth - Bay Scallops, Fish, Calamari, Prawn, Conch, Kaffir & Farro Grain


 Pacific Corvina Sea Bass -Soft Eggplant, Sugar Snap peas & Jicama Salsa, Herbs

  Seafood Stew - fish of the Day, bay scallops, prawn in a fish fume       $23

Loup de Mer Whole Roasted Fish - seasoned with chef's garden fresh herbs 




       Little Strings Capellini - organic butternut squash & old school tomato, basil, sweet garlic          $17
  Mushroom Ravioli - grilled prawns with truffle mushroom sauce                                                             $23


  Pibil Adobo Lamb Shank - braised in aromatic bone marrow & vegetables   $27
Black Angus New York Steak -Gorgonzola Bourbon & Alpes Mountain Black Pepper Sauce
TenderGrass Farms Porkchop -Basted with Aromatic Mango Barbecue, Ginger, Lime, Lemongrass

Mallard Smoked Duck- Smoked Duck. Grape, Coriander, Black Olive Vinaigrette


Takeout is also available - call 310-376-2084, or Fax 310-376-7159
One check per table, please